How to select the right engineering branch for a career?

October 31, 2022

How to select the right engineering branch for a career?

How to choose the right Engineering Branch?

What is Engineering?

Engineering is a vast subject and covers a vast spectrum of fields and areas. Engineers are the builders, whose art affects almost all industries of the world. Making a sewing needle to building space station, all require engineers for designing to manufacturing. Engineering is a marriage of mathematics, science and technology enabling solutions to all manufacturing and building projects. There are so many different types of engineering degrees available to study in India.
Traditionally, engineering was divided into four major branches: Mechanical, Chemical, Civil and Electrical Engineering along with many sub branches in each discipline. The numbers of engineering degrees have increased dramatically over the last two decades. There are literally hundreds of different subcategories of engineering available in our country to join now apart from the traditional four. The traditional four and its branches still remain equally important and ensures very good jobs

Which engineering branch to choose?

The other mainstream engineering branches include some of the following:
1. Computer Engineering Courses
2. Aerospace Engineering Courses
3.Management Engineering Courses
4.Architectural Engineering Courses
5.Environmental Engineering
6.Biomedical Engineering Courses
7.Biomechanical Engineering courses
8.Automotive Engineering Degrees
9.Geotechnical Engineering Courses
10.Structural Engineering Courses
11.Electronic Engineering Courses
12.Mechatronics Engineering Courses
13.Robotic Engineering Courses
14.Microelectronic Courses
15.Material Science Engineering
16.Agricultural Engineering Degrees
17.Paper Engineering Courses
18.Industrial Engineering Degree
19.Systems Engineering Courses
20.Petroleum Engineering Degrees
21.Geological Engineering Courses
22.Nuclear Engineering Courses
23.Marine Engineering
24.Phototonic Engineering Degrees
25.Nanotechnology Engineering
26.Mining Engineering
27.Ceramics Engineering
28.Metallurgic Engineering
29.Geomatic Engineering

Students who are not sure which branch to choose, but are interested in entering an engineering program; review your choices and options available for engineering degree.

Not all of the above will have a BTech degree training; some of them might have MTech or PhD level studies to get the degree. Thus choosing a stream will become easier. Rest as you will do your graduation, you would understand and read about the related branches and then can make an intelligent choice according to your liking. But all the above mentioned branches are much in demands and highly paid jobs are available after graduation. Of course after MTech or PhD, job options will become very specialized and one can join at senior levels.

Thus if you are not sure which engineering branch to choose, this article will help make up your mind. Needless to say, Engineering Admissions in India are streamlined and most of the courses are available in various engineering colleges in India

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