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India is a vast country and has more than 400 million students, the largest number in the world. To facilitate their studies, there are more than 15,00,000 Schools and 35,000 Colleges and Universities in India. The schools provide education till class 12 and then the students move to colleges and universities to pursue higher education in the subjects of their choice. The choice of colleges and universities to pursue the subjects of your choice is a difficult task. Students choose their colleges depending on many factors. A few of these factors include marks in 12th, merit, location and choice of subject. One is always scanning newspapers and the web to find out the best or top colleges in a subject stream.

There are lot of ranking systems existing, which rates the colleges and universities according to the facilities, citations and quality of education. The most popular of them were the surveys conducted by magazines and newspapers like India Today or Frontline. However, the best ranking available in our country are provided by NIRF, a Government of India undertaking. This is provided by National Institutional Ranking Framework managed by Ministry of Human Resource Development, New Delhi. In MyNextExam, we have taken these rankings as a standard to highlight the Top Colleges and Universities of India.

Benefits of Ranking System

The Indian higher education system is very vast and is constituted by colleges and universities. It has expanded at a fast pace by adding more than 20,000 colleges and more than 8 million students in a decade and today India boasts of having more than 35,000 colleges and more than 800 universities. Thus NIRF has ranked all these colleges and universities clubbed together to give an overall ranking of these institutions. Parameters such as faculty, industry interaction and infrastructure have been used to for the ranking system. The impact of these rankings is immense. Colleges get to know where they stand in comparison and also gives them the impetus to match the competitors and in the process the standard of the colleges improve considerably. Thus they get to know which things need to be improved and areas to be focused for reviews. These rankings, without a doubt have a huge impact on brand name and marketability.

For the students, they help them choose their institutions for studies. However, the merit list also plays a role as students with good marks can only get admission in the top ranking colleges.

While these rankings are important, sometimes these rankings should not be the only criterion to judge a college. There might be factors that are not considered for rankings, and then there might be instances where a less prominent college might suit ones needs more than a well reputed college, in terms of fees, course structure or even distance. At time certain colleges do not apply for these rankings and thus do not figure in the lists. As it is not compulsory to submit data, that remains a fallacy in the ranking system.

The lists provided below thus rank these colleges based on NIRF rankings. The lists are for areas like management, medical, engineering and so on. Top colleges and universities in each area are listed. These are ready reckoners for Indian students of all courses to know about the status of a college and thus helps them in admission processes.

Top Colleges and Universities in India (NIRF Ranking 2023) (Overall)

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