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All about SAT Exam - Exam details, Eligibility, Dates, Marks and SAT Exam in India

The SAT is an entrance Exam, marks of which are used for entrance to American colleges and universities. The full form of SAT is the Scholastic Assessment Test. The SAT is a multiple-choice, pencil-and-paper test created and administered by the American College Board. In America and many other countries,  lot of colleges require scores from the SAT or ACT tests for the admissions process.  SAT score is a key component for a student’s college applications in USA and other countries where applicable.

Applicants aspiring to pursue undergraduate courses, particularly in the US, Canada, UK, Australia, Singapore and many more are required to take the SAT exam. Many Indian academic universities are also accepting SAT scores these days.

SAT Details:

SAT measures a high school student's readiness for college, and colleges are provided with one standard and common platform, that can be used to compare all applicants. Standardized test scores alongside high school GPA are reviewed along with subjects studied in high school, letters of recommendation from teachers, details of extracurricular activities, performance in admissions interviews, and personal essays. Importance of SAT scores in the college application process will vary from college to college.

SAT Exam Subjects

There are two SAT sections -  Maths and Evidence-Based Reading and Writing. The SAT also includes an optional Essay section. SAT Essay scores are reported separately from overall test scores.

SAT Exam Duration

The SAT is 3 hours long. If you choose to take the SAT with Essay, the test will be 3 hours and 50 minutes.

SAT Scores

Each section of the SAT is scored on a 200 to 800 point scale.
The total SAT score is the sum of section scores.
The highest possible SAT score is 1600.
If one takes the Essay, it will have a separate score.

SAT Eligibility

There are no particular eligibility criteria to sit for SAT. You need to be an enrolled high school student, with intent of applying to foreign undergraduate universities.

Timing to take the test

Most students take the SAT or ACT, or both during the end of junior year or start of senior year. These timings are important as it leaves time to re-take the test if one needs to raise your score. The SAT exam in USA is offered every year in August, October, November, December, March, May, and June.


•    $52.5 (approx.) plus $42 (Non-U.S. Regional Fee)
•    For subject tests, an additional $26 as basic subject test fee
•    For SAT subject tests, some additional fee might be required.

SAT in India

SAT Exam in India Details

Registration for SAT is open throughout the year and SAT is held 6 times a year in India
One has to  visit the official SAT Website for registration

SAT Exam Fees in India

The SAT exam fee is around Rupees 6200-7000/-

Dates of SAT Exam in India

In India, the SAT is offered in the months of January, May, June, October, November and December.

Centres for SAT Exam in India

One can choose centres in 47 cities; a few cities have multiple centres. A few of the centres are New Delhi, Bangalore, Calcutta, Cochin, Pune, Mussoorie, Kodaikanal, Hyderabad, Mumbai, and Chennai.

Other Details about SAT Exam in India

•    The test is usually conducted on the first Saturday of the month.
•    Students have 3 hours (3 hours 50 minutes with optional essay) to take the SAT.
•    There is no negative marking or wrong-answer penalty.
•    There are only 4 answer choices per question. SAT scores are valid for five years.
•    After taking the SAT, students may cancel their score up until the Wednesday
•    The best time to take the SAT is in class 11 or early class 12
•    Students can take the test more than once to improve their score.
•    Two to three times is the maximum recommended number of attempts
•    There are no eligibility criteria; you can be of any age to appear in the test
•    The local representative of SAT in India is the United States-India Educational foundation (USIEF)

Method of SAT Registration in India

There are two ways you can register for the SAT exam in India.

    Register Online in India

1.    Create a student profile
2.    Choose test date and test centre (Sunday testing and option to choose test centre closer to home is not offered)
3.    You will receive immediate registration confirmation
4.    Pay the exam fee through credit/debit card or online funds transfer.
5.    Registration deadlines are typically about three to four weeks before a test date.
6.    Late registration deadlines are typically about two to three weeks before a test date, and registering late will incur a late fee.

    Register by Mail in India

1.    You first need ‘The Student Registration Guide for the SAT and SAT Subject Tests’, which is available at schools.
2.    The guide includes a registration form and return envelope.
3.    The form needs to be sent along with a demand draft.
4.    The local representative of SAT in India is the USIEF. The mailed forms will be directed to their regional office.

Synopsis of SAT exam

SAT Duration                     3 hours (plus 50 minutes if taking optional Essay)
SAT Sections                     Math, Evidence-Based Reading and Writing, Essay (optional)
SAT Fees in USA               $46 ($60 if taking SAT with Essay); Rs. 7500 Approx. in India
Highest SAT Scores          1600
Average SAT Scores         1060

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