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GMAT 2020 Notification, Exam Dates, Admit Card, Exam Pattern, Counselling

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GMAT 2020 Exam - Dates, Registration, Eligibility, Syllabus, Exam Pattern

Graduate Management Admission Test 2020 or GMAT 2020 is the entrance examination for admission to MBA, PGDM, Ph.D. (Finance Management), Fellowship (Management), Master of Management and other courses. GMAT 2020 is conducted by Graduate Management Admission Council.

GMAT for the year 2020 has been announced by Graduate Management Admission Council and will be held from 01/01/2020 to 31/12/2020. The application forms will be available from 01/01/2020 till 31/12/2020. The exam is in online mode. The duration of the exam will be 157 minutes. It is being conducted in English language. The result date will be announced later.

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GMAT 2020 Conducting Body

Graduate Management Admission Council

GMAT 2020 Eligibility Criteria

As such, there is no set eligibility criteria set by GMAC, the body conducting GMAT 2020. However, one should always meet the eligibility criteria set by the university / college one aspires to get into after giving the GMAT 2020.

Age Criteria: 

You must be at least 18 years old. If you are between 13 and 17 years old, you must get permission from a parent or legal guardian. If you do need permission, you must provide written proof of your guardian’s consent prior to scheduling the exam.

You may take the exam no more than five times within a rolling 12-month period and no more than eight times total.

GMAT 2020 Important Dates

Events Start Date Last Date
Application Form 01/01/2020 31/12/2020
GMAT 2020 Exam Date Online Dates
  • 01/01/2020  to  31/12/2020
  • To get all details about GMAT 2020 Download Brochure

    GMAT 2020 Prospectus

    Prospectus not yet available. It will be uploaded as soon as it is available.

    More Information

    What the Validity of the GMAT Exam Means for You and Your Program

    You also need to be confident that your admission exam measures what you think it measures. GMAT exam scores have been shown to be strong predictors of first-year grades in graduate management programs, and GMAC continues to perform validity studies to statistically verify that the exam predicts success in your program. Validity correlations are measured on a scale of 0 to 1, in which 0.4 is typical for admission tests. Based on nearly 400 studies over the past 20 years, the median correlation between GMAT scores and mid-program graduate management school grades is much higher (0.48) than the relationship between undergraduate GPAs and mid-program graduate management school grades (0.30). The best predictions of candidate success come from combining data from GMAT scores and undergraduate GPA (0.53).

    GMAT 2020 Application Form

    Application Form Fee

    The GMAT 2020 costs $250 and the registration fees include unlimited score sending. Candidates can reschedule their exam appointment any time before their scheduled exam time for a fee of US $25. The cancellation fee for the GMAT Online exam is US $100. Cancellations must be made at least 24 hours of the scheduled exam appointment time.

    Application Form Filling Instructions

    • Step 1: Gather information
    • Step 2: Build your timeline 
    • Step 3: Schedule and pay for your exam
    • Step 4: Select your score receiving schools 
    • Step 5: Review your confirmation letter

    More Information

    Earliest Possible Registration Date.

    • You may register up to six months prior to your preferred test date. 

    Early Registration Date. 

    • We recommend you register two-three months prior to your preferred test date. Add 15 days if you are registering by mail.

    Last Chance to Register. 

    • If you are registering online or by phone, you may register as late as 24 hours prior to your test date.

    GMAT 2020 Syllabus

    Syllabus for GMAT 2020

    The Questions for the test shall be based from a Common Syllabus as notified in the Prospectus or Information Brochure of GMAT 2020 as set by the GMAC. One is required to study according to the given Syllabus. 

    The GMAT 2020 Online exam includes the Quantitative, Verbal and Integrated Reasoning sections (omitting the Analytical Writing Assessment Section). Each section will contain the same number of questions and time per section as the current in - person GMAT 2020. The sections are as follows: 

    • 31 Quantitative / 62 minutes
    • 36 Verbal / 65 minutes
    • 12 Integrated Reasoning / 30 minutes


    The Subjects included for GMAT 2020 Exam are :

    • Quantitative
    • Verbal
    • Integrated Reasoning

    GMAT 2020 Exam Day Instructions

    Online Dates

    • 01/01/2020  to  31/12/2020

    Examination Day Instructions

    Examination Day Instructions


      • Present  Appropriate Identification
      • Read the GMAT Test Taker Rules and Agreement
      • Verify Your Identity
      • Begin Your GMAT Exam 

    Agree to the GMAT Test Taker Rules and Agreement

    You will receive a copy of the following GMAT Test Taker Rules and Agreement at your test center prior to taking the exam. In order to test, you must agree to comply with and be bound by the rules set forth in this Agreement.

    To get all details about GMAT 2020 Download Brochure

    GMAT 2020 Results

    More Information

    We have introduced new flexibility with the GMAT 2020 exam that gives candidates control to decide when they are ready to send their score to programs. Included with the GMAT Online exam fee, candidates will have the opportunity to first view their official score and then choose to send their score to selected programs. In addition, all score sending is complimentary, and there is no cost to the candidate to send their GMAT Online exam score to any program.

    Receive GMAT Scores Online

    Our electronic score-reporting system is free, secure, and user friendly. Its intuitive interface requires no special training, and it lets you access available GMAT scores at your convenience - daily, weekly, or monthly. It even lets you search for an individual candidate.

    This system provides the best and most efficient way to access only the score reports you need for application review, and it comes with online guides, help desk support, and hands-on assistance to help you take full advantage of its powerful features. It also helps reduce paper waste in your office. 

    If you have approval to receive GMAT scores and need information about receiving scores online, contact gmatprogram@gmac.com.

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